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Narcissus asturiensis

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Authors: Jord.  

Botanical Description

Leaves two per bulb, 8cm long by 6mm wide, green, spreading. Stem round, 7-14cm long, ascending. Pedicel 10mm long. Flowers solitary, ascending, 3.5cm in diameter, tube 8mm long and 8mm diameter, tepals medium yellow, deflexed to patent, sometimes twisted, not imbricate, corona 1.7cm high, waisted at centre with minimum diameter of 5mm, expanded at margin to 1.5cm, much frilled, concolorous or deeper yellow, the anthers and style included in corona, late winter to early spring. Rock pockets, stony slopes and alpine turf, acid soil. Mountains to 1800m. or more, western Pyrenees, northern Spain and northern Portugal to Serra da Estrela.

a, N. asturiensis; b, N. bulbocodium x 'Jessamy'; c, N. cantabricus var. petunioides; d, N. hedraeanthus;