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Narcissus assoanus

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Botanical Description

Leaves two to five per bulb, to 24cm or more long by 2mm wide, dark green, faintly striate on outer face, spreading or prostrate. Stems round, to 20cm. Pedicel to 2.5cm (exceptionally 3). Tube 1.7cm Flowers one to three, ascending, medium yellow with corona usually distinctly darker than tepals, to 2.7cm across, the tube 1.7cm long, tepals slightly reflexed, imbricate, corona cup-shaped, almost entire to crenate, 3-6mm high, 9-12mm in diameter. Anthers three in tube, three within corona overtopping style, spring. Mountains of Southern France, Pyrenees, eastern and southern Spain to at least 1900m. among limestone rocks. N,a. var. praelongus (syn. N. baeticus) is a rather stronger growing variety with broader leaves and a longer, narrower tube, from the Spanish province of Cordoba.