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Narcissus alpestris

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Botanical Description

Leaves two per bulb, 18cm long by 8mm wide, glaucous, prostrate with single keel. Stem slightly compressed, faintly striate, erect, 18cm tall. Pedicel 5mm long. Flowers solitary, drooping, 5-6cm in diameter, the tube dark green, tepals white with central yellow streak, rarely primrose yellow, deflexed, twisted, not imbricate, corona white, usually parallel or very slightly expanded at margin, lightly fluted, 3.3cm high, 1.5cm across. Anthers and style included in corona, mid spring. Rocky hillsides and alpine turf, acid soil, Spanish Pyrenees. [Pl.287].

Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, AGS Kent Show, 22 March 2014