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Mimulus primuloides

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Authors: Benth.  

Botanical Description

perennial spreading by rhizomes and thread-like stolons to 20cm, sometimes more, across. Leaves rosetted, oblong to obovate, l-4cm long, three-veined, entire or toothed. Flowers 1.5-2cm long, yellow, the basal throat a darker shade bearing some red-brown spots, on slender stalks 3-10cm high, mid to late summer. M.p. var. pilosellus has the leaves white-woolly above. M.p. var. linearifolius has longer, narrow leaves and flowers on taller stalks. California to Washington State and the Rockies in moist grassland at 1300-3600m, often within open pine forest. Perhaps the best really small perennial species, but needs to be divided regularly to maintain vigour.