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Matthiola incana

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Authors: L.   R. Br.  

Botanical Description

perennial or subshrub, 40-80cm in height. Leaves oblanceolate, usually entire, occasionally pinnatifid, 5-10cm long, densely white tomentose. Flowers 2-3cm across, pink, purple or white, late spring to summer. Southern and western Europe to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Arabia and Egypt, by the sea, often on cliffs. M.i, subsp. rupestris is glabrescent, with broader, lanceolate basal leaves. Italy and Sicily. M. incana is the species from which the annual and biennial strains of garden stocks have arisen, e.g. Brompton, All the Year Round, All Double, Column and Mammoth.

a, M. incana; b, M. sinuata;