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Lupinus lepidus

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Botanical Description

Douglas ex Lindl. (syn. L. aridus, confertus, caespitosus). Tufted perennial spreading from a woody base, the stems usually less than 30cm in length. Leaflets five to seven, oblanceolate, 1-1.3cm long, silvery hairy beneath. Racemes up to about 6cm long. Flowers violet to blue, 8-12mm long, summer. Often monocarpic in cultivation. A variable and confused species, the following being the most desired varieties: L.l var. utahensis (syn. L. caespitosus) flowers with narrow standards, the racemes sessile. Var. lobbii (syn. LL. lyallii, danaus, fruticulosus, perditorum) stems prostrate and mat-forming with racemes to 5cm long, flowers violet-blue, the oval standard 7mm long bearing a central whitish spot. North-western North America to Utah and Colorado, in prairie country. [Pl.263].

a, L. lepidus; b, L. littoralis; c, L. sericeus;