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Lilium bulbiferum

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Botanical Description

In the wild at high altitudes this lily grows on cliffs and stony places where soil is meagre, and rarely exceeds 20-30cm, often less, with one or two flowers. In the garden it can exceed 1m and bears five or more blooms. It would seem worthwhile trying it in a poorish scree mixture to keep it small. Leaves numerous, scattered, narrowly lanceolate, 5-15cm long. Flowers cup-shaped, erect, orange-red, to 7.5c m long, summer. In L.b. var. bulbiferum the stem bears bulbils and the flowers are more orange-red. L.b. var. croceum lacks stem bulbils and has orange flowers. Pyrenees, central Europe, south to northern Spain, southern Italy and Yugoslavia, in woods, meadows and amongst rocks up to 2400m. [Pl.247].