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Lewisia oppositifolia

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Botanical Description

Leaves commence on underground central stem, emerging to form what looks like a rosette, individually 4-10cm long by 5-10mm wide. Flowers white, pink in bud, 2-3cm in diameter in loose panicles of two to five, carried on long, rather ungainly stems, spring to early summer. Oregon and adjacent California on eroded serpentine soils at 365-1220m. L.o. 'Richeyi' is a dwarf form with dis tinct rosettes of narrow, oblanceolate leaves 2-2.5cm long and more or less prostrate flowering stems. Flowers white, five petalled in clusters of two to three. Siskiyou Mountains on serpentine soil at 1000-1220m. Relatively more amenable to cultivation than the type species.