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Kalmia polifolia

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Authors: Wangenh.  

Botanical Description

Erect habit 30-60cm in height, usually well branched. Young stems two-edged and pubescent. Leaves ovate to narrowly oblong, 2-4cm long, dark glossy green above, blue-white beneath. Flowers saucer-shaped, 1.2-1.5cm wide, light rose-purple to crimson pink or magenta, in flattish terminal clusters, late spring. Northern Asia, Canada and northern North America, northern Europe and Greenland, in bogs and on lake shores. K.p. var. microphylla (syn. K. microphylla, K. glauca var. microphylla) has a dwarf low habit with spreading stems usually less than 15cm in height. Leaves 6-12mm long by 3-6mm or less in width. Flowers to 1cm wide, usually rose-purple. Alaska to California and Colorado, at alpine levels in bogs and wet grassland. [Pl.234]