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Helianthemum nummularium

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Authors: L.   Mill.  

Synonyms: H. arcticum, H. chamaecistus, H. vulgare

Botanical Description

Mat-forming, 60-100cm across. Leaves 5-50mm long, lanceolate to ovate, varying in indumentum but usually whitish beneath. Flowers up to twelve in one-sided cymes, usually golden-yellow, but may be cream, white, orange or rose, with subtle intermediate shades. Widespread in Europe, including Britain. The following subspecies have been given specific status by some authors: berterianum (pink). Maritime Alps, Apennines; glabrum (syn. nitidum, serpyllifolium) (yellow), widespread; grandiflorum (syn. ovatum subsp. grandiflorum) (large-flowered and enduring plant, leaves green and shiny); morisianum (pink) Sardinia; obscurum (syn. vulgare, genuinum, hirsutum, ovatum), (leaves long hairy; extending northwards to Sweden); pyrenaicum (syn. vulgare roseum) (pink) Pyrenees; semiglabrum (pink) Maritime Alps, Apennines; tomentosum (yellow) southern Europe. The species as a whole is hardy, but plants from southern Europe may be less so.

Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 21 May 2018