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group The genus Helianthemum is largely represented in gardens by a complex group of cultivars derived from crossing H. apenninum with H. nummularium and H. croceum, plus intercrossing various cultivars. Apart from varying in vigour, leaf pubescnece and flower colour, all are mat-forming and bloom freely from early to midsummer, sometimes with a scattering of flowers into the autumn. Recommended are: 'Amy Baring', deep yellow with orange centres, slightly grey leaves. 'Baby Buttercup', rich yellow flowers on compact, flat mats. 'Ben Afflick', deep orange suffused buff with an orange eye. 'Ben Dearg', rich flame-orange. 'Ben Fhada', golden-yellow with an orange eye, leaves grey-green. 'Ben Hope', carmine with an orange eye, light grey foliage. 'Ben More', bright orange with a darker eye and deep green leaves. 'Ben Nevis', rich yellow with a crimson-bronze eye. 'Ben Vane', terracotta. 'Boughton Double Primrose' double soft pale yellow and dark green foliage. 'Cerise Queen', double cerise-red. 'Chocolate Blotch', buff and chocolate. 'Double Cream' (self descriptive). 'Fireball', see 'Mrs C. W. Earle'. 'Fire Dragon', bright orange-scarlet and grey leaves. 'Georgeham', pink and yellow bicolour. 'Golden Queen', bright deep yellow. 'Henfield Brilliant' glowing brick-red, grey-green foliage. 'Jubilee', double primrose yellow. 'Mrs C. W. Earle', double red. 'Old Gold', rich soft golden-yellow. 'Praecox', early yellow flowers against silvery-grey leaves. 'Raspberry Ripple', reddish-pink tipped white, deep green foliage. 'Rhodanthe Carneum', carmine-pink with an orange eye, silvery-grey foliage. 'Rose of Leeswood', double soft pink. 'Salmon Queen', bright salmon-pink. 'Sudbury Gem', deep pink with bright red eye, grey-green leaves. 'Supreme', glowing dark red. 'The Bride', creamy white with a yellow centre and silvery-grey leaves. 'Voltaire', yellow flowers and grey leaves. 'Watergate Rose', large, rose-crimson flowers, grey-green leaves. 'Wisley Pink see 'Rhodanthe Carneum'. 'Wisley White', pure white with yellow anthers, grey foliage. 'Yellow Queen', see 'Golden Queen'.