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Authors: G. Don  

Botanical Description

Gentiana exacoides). Perennial with a thick taproot culminating in a persistent coarse open rosette and stems 10-30cm high. Basal leaves few, semi-erect, rather membranous but firm, lanceolate, tapering to a long, false petiole 6-10cm by 6-11mm. Stem leaves similar but lacking the basal taper. Inflorescence a two to four flowered terminal cyme. Flowers erect on 1.5-3cm pedicels about 3cm long, the tube lilac, light violet or sea-foam green, the spreading lobes lavender, late autumn in the wild. South-eastern Peru, Cuzco region in species-rich grassland and scrub at 3500-3600m. Notable for the similarity of its blossoms to those of the gentianaceous Exacum species, often cultivated as greenhouse and house plants.