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Gentianella punicea

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Authors: Wedd.  

Botanical Description

perennial with several curved-erect stems to 30cm tall from the branched and leafy crown. Basal leaves broadly lanceolate, acuminate, 5-7cm by 5mm Stem leaves reducing in length upwards to 2.5cm by 4mm Inflorescence loose, raceme-like, composed of mainly solitary blooms from the upper leaf axils with clusters of three at the tips. Flowers 2cm long, crimson, probably more or less drooping, their narrow cylindrical tubes two to three times longer than the small, thick oblong lobes, summer to winter. Southern Peru to northern Bolivia, Puno province and Sorata, at 3300-4000m. G. purpureiflora (Gentiana) has been separated on the basis of its three-nerved leaves and tight umbel-like heads of seven to nine more campanulate smaller purple flowers with lobes and tube roughly equal, late autumn. Eastern Bolivia, Cordillera Cochabamba in alpine meadows at 3400m.

G. purpureiflora] (syn. Gentiana purpureiflora Gilg) see G. punicea