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Fritillaria recurva

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Authors: Benth.  

Botanical Description

Bulb to 4cm across, with many rice-grain bulbils. Stem 20-90cm high. Leaves often glaucous or purplish, in three to five whorls of three to five linear to linear-lanceolate. Flowers three to twelve, narrowly campanulate, orange to red, tessellated with yellow, lacking scent. Tepals 2-3.5cm long, recurved at the tip, with a lanceolate yellowish nectary, 5-6mm long, near the base. Style to 1.3cm long, trifid, the branches to 3mm long. Capsule winged. Northern California and southern Oregon, in the Coast Ranges and Sierra Nevada foothills, growing in dry scrub and open oak and conifer woods, at 700-2000m, flowering in April-July. F. gentneri has larger, broader flowers, with tepals 3.5-4cm long, not recurving, and a style divided to half its length; in southern Oregon, in Jackson and Josephine counties.

a, F. bucharica; b, F. michailovskyi; c, F. pudica; d, F. recurva;