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Fritillaria pudica

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Authors: Spreng.   Pursh  

Botanical Description

Bulb of two to four thick scales and numerous rice-grain bulblets. Stem 7-30cm in height. Leaves two to seven, linear to narrowly lanceolate, canaliculate. Flowers one or two, narrowly campanulate, yellow to orange-yellow; scent not recorded. Tepals 1-2.5cm long, with a small round nectary at the base. Style about 8mm long, slender, smooth, undivided. Capsule not winged. Western North America from New Mexico north to Idaho, west to California and British Columbia, on open slopes and dry meadows, in light gritty or sandy soil, usually by late snow patches at 400-2000m.

a, F. bucharica; b, F. michailovskyi; c, F. pudica; d, F. recurva;