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Fritillaria liliacea

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Authors: Lindl.  

Botanical Description

Bulb 1.5-2.5cm across, with four to six scales. Stem 15-35cm in height. Leaves two to twenty, mostly basal, oblong-lanceolate or obovate. Flowers two to four obconic campanulate, white with green or yellow throat; scent not recorded. Tepals 1.2-2.5cm long, narrowly elliptic, with nectary oblong, 5mm long, l-2mm wide near the base. Style 7-15mm long, trifid, the branches spreading or recurved for 4-8mm. Capsule angled, not winged. California, on either side of San Francisco Bay, to Monterey County, now very rare, in grassy places in adobe soil on serpentine.