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Fritillaria atropurpurea

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Authors: Nutt.  

Botanical Description

Bulb l-2cm across, flattened pear-shaped, surrounded by rice-grain bulbils. Stem 8-50cm high. Leaves linear, subopposite, alternate or whorled. Flowers one to fifteen, open campanulate, yellowish-green, blotched and mottled with brown-purple; scent not recorded. Tepals l-2cm long, overlapping only at the base, nectary about 3mm across, indistinct, near the petal base. Style 7-12mm long, deeply trifid, the branches recurved. Capsule angled and narrowly winged. North and South Dakota and Nebraska south to New Mexico, west to California and Oregon, among low shrubs and trees in coniferous forest and sagebrush, at 1500-3000m.