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Eriogonum parvifolium

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Botanical Description

Rather like E. fasciculatum, to 1m or more across in the wild. Leaves dense, in fascicles, broadly ovate to lance-obling, sometimes cordate at the base, revolute and thickish, 5-15mm long, green above, densely white tomentose beneath, on short stalks. Flowering stems 2-5cm long, simple or forked, bearing l-2cm wide compact inflorescences. Flowers white or tinted rose, mainly summer but with a scattering throughout the year. E.p. lucidum J. T. Howell ex Stokes usually has greenish-yellow flowers, subsp. paynei C. B. Wolf ex Munz white ones in smaller heads. California on coastal dunes and bluffs often in sage brush. Too large and tender, but attractive as a pot plant in the frost-free alpine house.