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Eriogonum latifolium

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Botanical Description

Woody based perennial with much branched stems up to 60cm tall. Leaves 2.5-5cm long, ovate to oblong, cordate or rounded at their bases, glabrous to lanate above, densely white lanate beneath, often with crimped margins. Flowering stems robust, leafless. Inflorescences in capitate clusters 1.5-3cm across. Flowers dense, white to rose, summer to autumn. California, Oregon on cliffs and coastal sand and on dry slopes up to 2700m. E.l. var rubescens (Greene) Stokes has flowers of a deep reddish-pink. E.l. subsp. auriculatum (Benth.) S. Stokes, has larger leaves and cream to pink or sometimes yellowish flowers. Subsp. nudum (Douglas ex Benth.) S. Stokes, has leaves up to 6cm long, rounded-tipped with often longer petioles. A subalpine race from the Sierra Nevada is 20-30cm tall with l-2cm long leaves; extreme forms known as var. deductum (Greene) S. Stokes and var scapigerum (Eastw.) S. Stokes, may be only 10-20cm tall. Subsp. saxicola (Heller) S. Stokes is 30-60cm tall with yellow to white flowers. Mainly foothill woodland on hot, dry slopes. Subsp. pauciflorum (Wats.) S. Stokes is more slender than types