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Eriogonum kennedyi

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Botanical Description

Porter in S. Wats. Mat-forming from a woody, branched caudex. Leaves oblong, 3-6mm long, white-woolly, revolute, subsessile. Flowering stems up to 15cm in height. Flowers in 1cm wide heads, white with red midribs to the calyces, early to midsummer. Subsp. austromontanum (M. & J.) S. Stokes, has oblanceolate leaves 6-10mm long and floccose woolly stems. Subsp. alpigenum (M. &J.) Rhunz. has extra dense woody stemmed mats, leaves only 2-3mm long and flowering stems l-2cm tall with eddish florets. California on dry slopes and ridges and in sagebrush scrub and pine-juniper woodland at 1200-3000m. For E.k. subsp. gracilipes (S. Wats) S. Stokes, see E. gracilipes.