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Dianthus alpinus

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Botanical Description

Leaves oblong to lanceolate, dark green, blunt at the tips. Flowers are to 4cm across and borne singly on short stalks from 5-10cm or more high; petals varying from rich pink to cerise and purplish-pink and speckled with small, white spots. White flowers also occur. Europe on calcareous rocks above 1000m in the Eastern Alps, Austria. Grows best in leafy, gritty soil. Plants raised from seed will show a wide range of shades and sizes of petals and poorer forms should be discarded. D.a. 'Adonis', a salmon flowered form found by Farrer is very rare in cultivation. D.a. 'Joan's Blood' is a rich deep red selection.

a, D. alpinus; b, D. glacialis; c, D. pavonius; d, D. sylvestris;