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Daphne pontica

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Botanical Description

Potentially to 1.2m or more in height but often less, bushy and spreading in habit. Leaves 4.5-10cm long, obovate, deep lustrous green above, clustered towards the stem tips. Flowers yellow-green, usually fragrant, 6-12mm long by 1.2-2.2cm across, usually in pairs from the leaf axils, early to late spring. Fruits fleshy, black. Northern Turkey, from the Caucasus to Istanbul and southeastern Bulgaria, in forest and open hillsides up to 2200m. Akin to D. laureola and occasionally confused, but the leaf and flower shapes are distinct, the larger blooms of pontica being a brighter yellow-green. In general only suitable for the largest rock gardens.

a, D. arbuscula; b, D. blagayana; c, D. jasminea; d, D. pontica;