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Genus: Daboecia

Daboecia Species in
Family: Ericaceae

Two smallish evergreen shrublets, one from Atlantic coasts of Europe, the other endemic to six islands of the Azores. The latter is best classified as a subspecies of the former, but is here kept separate for simplicity. The two produce a fully fertile hybrid which can backcross to its parents.


The type species D. cantabrica, can be somewhat large for the rock garden, but has the great merit of flowering for six months of the year. D. azorica is much smaller in all its parts and probably no longer grown, being too tender, but since it carpets the ground at height to 2200m in the wild, further collections may prove hardier. For rock garden purposes, D. X scotica is best suited, being hardier than either parent and more compact. An acid, moist but well drained soil and a sunny site are required. Propagation by seed in spring or cuttings in late summer.