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Crocus vallicola

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Botanical Description

Corm tunic membranous. Leaves three to five appearing long after the flowers. Flowers 6-10cm tall, white with varying degrees of darker veining and characterised by long hooked tips to the perianth segments and two yellow spots on the base of each segment; the three-branched styles are yellow, late summer to autumn. Northern Turkey, U.S.S.R., Caucasus, in turf and alpine meadows at 1000-3000m. Cultivation is not difficult in pots or a bulb frame provided that it is not allowed to dry out in summer. Has also been grown successfully in the open garden in moist conditions. It is closely allied to C. scharojanii and a lemon-yellow flowered hybrid with it is known.

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Joint Rock: Joint Rock Awards, Gillingham, 25 October, 2010

a, C. antalayensis; b, C. cartwrightianus; c, C. hyemalis; d, C. longiflorus; e, C. robertianus; f, C. vallicola;