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Crocus tommasinianus

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Botanical Description

Corm tunic parallel or slightly reticulated fibres. Leaves three to four. Flowers 7-13cm tall, pale or deep lilac with a white throat often with a silvery-white or cream exterior, the style divided into three orange-yellow branches, late winter to early spring. Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, in light woodland. Perhaps the easiest crocus to grow, increasing abundantly by seed and offsets especially on light soils where it can become a nuisance by invading choicer species. A number of colour forms have occurred in gardens or been collected in the wild. Named clones include 'Whitwell Purple', 'Ruby Giant' (both purple), 'Oliver Wyatt' and 'Taplow Ruby' (reddish purple), 'Roseus' (pink with silver-grey outside), 'Pictus' (lilac, grey outside purple tips), also several white clones. Rarely seen is 'Versitom' a hybrid with C. versicolor.

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