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Crocus speciosus

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Authors: M. Bieb.  

Botanical Description

Three subspecies exist. C.s. subsp. speciosus. Corm tunic annulate. Leaves four to five, 3-5mm wide, deep green, appearing long after the flowers. Flowers 13-25cm tall, lilac with purple veining or freckling outside and a white or pale creamy-yellow throat, the orange-yellow styles much branched, autumn. U.S.S.R., Crimea and Caucasus, Turkey, Iran, in pastures or woodland up to 2300m. Subsp. ilgazansis is a smaller plant, differing from subsp. speciosus mainly in having a parallel fibre corm tunic with only indistinct basal rings. Subsp. xantholaimos resembles subsp. speciosus but has a pronounced yellow throat. The last two subspecies are confined to northern Turkey. Subsp. speciosus is easily cultivated in sun or shade and will spread rapidly by means of the numerous cormlets which develop around the main corm. For this reason it should not be planted amongst choice species.

Plant Portrait: Crocus speciosus - plant of the month November 2012

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