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Crocus sieberi

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Botanical Description

Four subspecies are recognised. C.s. subsp. sieberi. Corm tunic reticulate. Leaves four to seven, up to 2mm wide. Flowers 7-9cm tall, white with various reddish-purple stripes or other markings on the outside and a prominent orange-yellow throat, the style branches orange or vermilion fringed, spring. Crete, on rocky slopes. Unlike subsp. atticus, subsp. sieberi is not a strong garden plant and requires glass protection. Subsp. atticus. Corm tunic coarsely reticulate. Leaves 2-6mm wide. Flowers lilac with yellow throat, spring. Greece, on rocky slopes and woodland clearings up to 1400m. Excellent and rewarding garden plant growing well in various situations. Subsp. sublimis. Corm tunic finely reticulate. Resembles subsp. atticus in general flower colour but often with a white zone between the lilac and the yellow throat (forma tricolor). Good colour forms can be spectacular garden plants. Northern Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, up to 2400m. Subsp. nivalis. Resembles subsp. sublimis except for its glabrous throat. It occurs only in southern Peloponnese and has no particular garden merit.

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