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Crocus serotinus

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Authors: Salisb.  

Botanical Description

Three subspecies, embracing all the autumn-flowering crocuses of Spain and Portugal. C.s. subsp. salzmannii (syn. C. asturicus, C. granatensis). Corm tunic parallel fibre occasionally with stolons. Leaves five to seven usually with the flowers. Flowers 10-15cm tall, lilac or purple, autumn. Spain and Morocco in grassy or rocky areas or light woodland up to 3500m. Easiest of the subspecies to cultivate and generally hardy in a sunny position. The purple forms are particularly garden worthy as are some fine white-flowered variants. Subsp. clusii. Corm tunic finely reticulate. Leaves four to seven emerging shortly after flowering. Flowers 8-9cm high, pale or deep lilac. Portugal and Spain, in grassy places or light woodland up to 900m. Fairly easy in a bulb frame but does not settle readily to open garden conditions in Britain. Subsp. serotinus. Corm tunic coarsely reticulate. Leaves three to four appearing with the flowers. Flowers 9-13cm tall, pale to deep lilac, autumn. Portugal, in rocky or sandy situations and woodland. This subspecies is rare in cultivation but grows reasonably well under glass.

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