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Crocus pallasii

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Botanical Description

Corm tunic finely reticulate. Leaves numerous, up to 1.5mm wide, grey-green, appearing at or shortly after the flowers. Flowers 8-17cm high, pale to deep lilac, the styles red, orange or sometimes yellow divided into three branches at a point below the tops of the anthers, autumn. Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Crimea, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, on rocky hillsides and in scrub up to 3000m. Subsp. turcicus is characterised by a long 'neck' to the corm tunic and slimmer flowers. South-eastern Turkey, Syria, Lebanon. Subsp. haussknechtii. Shares above features but has larger deep red style branches. Iran, Iraq, Jordan. Subsp. dispathaceus is readily recognised by its very narrow strap-like perianth segments which are typically lilac but sometimes deep reddish-purple. Subsp. pallasii is easily grown and increases freely in bulb frame conditions. The other subsp. appear to be similarly adaptable but experience to date is more limited.

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