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Crocus olivieri

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Botanical Description

Three subspecies now recognised. Co . subsp. olivieri, syn. C. suterianus. Corm tunic parallel fibre membrane. Leaves two to four deep green, 2-5mm wide. Flower 6-7cm tall orange-yellow, sometimes clear yellow with styles divided into six orange-yellow branches, spring. Balkans, Romania, Turkey, on open rocky hills or scrub at 500-1400m. Subsp. balansae. Much more branched styles. Flowers usually striped or suffused with brown outside. Subsp. istanbulensis. Highly localised subsp. with a coarsely fibrous tunic. Turkey, Istanbul province only. First two subsp. are excellent and easy garden plants. Subsp. istanbulensis may be also but is as yet not well known in cultivation. [Pl.132]

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