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Crocus kotschyanus

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Authors: Koch  

Botanical Description

Four subspecies superficially very similar from the garden point of view. C,k. subsp. kotschyanus. Corm flat and irregular with thin membranous tunic, numerous cormlets present. Leaves four to six, up to 4mm wide, appearing long after the flowers. Flowers 10-18cm tall, pale to mid lilac with darker veining and two orange spots on base of each tepal, the anthers white or pale cream, autumn. Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, in stony meadows and scrub at 500-2500m. Subsp. cappadocicus and subsp. hakkariensis. Corm lies sideways in the soil. Flowers 9-10cm tall, those of the former having a glabrous and the latter a pubescent throat. Subsp. suworowianus. Corm lies sideways in the soil. Flowers 10cm high, white with varying grey or lilac veining. Northern Turkey and Caucasus. Cultivation of subsp. kotschyanus is easy; indeed its cormlets can in some soils cause it to become a nuisance. C. kotschyanus var. leucopharynx is a robust form with an unspotted white throat. The other two subsp. are less easy to establish.

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