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Crocus flavus

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Authors: Weston  

Botanical Description

Corm tunic parallel fibre membrane with a tuft of fibres extending above the top of the corm. Leaves four to eight with the flowers. Flowers 9-12cm tall, deep orange-yellow occasionally pale yellow. Widespread in the Balkans to Turkey, in grassland, scrub or light woodland up to 1000m. The normally-grown form is subsp. flavus the parent of the common 'Dutch Yellow' or 'Golden Yellow' which has been grown for about 400 years and is now a sterile clone. Like this clone, the wild species is a vigorous garden plant which self-sows in favourable conditions. Its main advantage over 'Dutch Yellow' is the deeper coloured flowers. Subspecies dissectus has a much-divided style and is rare and less robust in cultivation.

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