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Crocus cartwrightianus

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Botanical Description

Corm tunic finely reticulate. Leaves 0.5-1.5mm wide, grey-green appearing at flowering time. Flowers 8-10cm tall, usually dark purple due to intricate veining over a lilac ground, autumn. White forms are common in the wild and in cultivation. A member of the 'sativus' group characterised by long blunt-ended scarlet style branches. Greece and Greek islands, on rocky hillsides up to 1000m. Cultivation easy in frame or alpine house and not too difficult in a sunny well drained position in the rock garden.

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a, C. antalayensis; b, C. cartwrightianus; c, C. hyemalis; d, C. longiflorus; e, C. robertianus; f, C. vallicola;