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Crocus cancellatus

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Botanical Description

Five subspecies recognised. i s16 2 C.c. subsp. cancellatus. Corm tunic coarsely reticulate. Leaves up to 2mm wide, appearing after the flowers. Flowers lilac to white, slim or globular in shape, autumn. Southern Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, in open rocky slopes up to 2400m. Some forms are quite difficult to cultivate unless given glass protection, but commercial clones, e.g. var. cilicicus are relatively vigorous and have good coloured flowers. Subsp. mazziaricus differs from previous subsp. in having a long 'neck' of bristles on the corm tunic. Flowers white or lilac. Yugoslavia, Greece, Greek islands, western Turkey, on open rocky hillsides up to 1500m. Subsp. pamphylicus has white anthers. Southern Turkey, rocky places up to 1500m. Subsp. lycius produces smaller white flowers with orange throats and striking orange styles. Southern Turkey up to 1400m. Choice and not difficult. Subsp. damascenus differs from subsp. cancellatus in having an even coarser reticulate tunic with a long 'neck' of bristles and pale lilac flowers with very narrow segments. Widespread in the Middle East on dry slopes up to 3000m. Likely to be of interest only to specialist growers. [Pl.129]

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