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Authors: Murray  

Botanical Description

Normal height 3060m. Keeled leaves 1.5-2mm long, facial ones rhomboidal and smaller, bright green to glaucous, rankly parsley-scented when bruised. Male strobili red, spring. Northwestern California to south-western Oregon, moist coastal foothills up to 1000m.

Dwarf and slow-growing cultivars: 'Aurea Densa', densely dome-shaped, 30-50cm or more, the foliage bright gold all year. 'Blue Nantais', conical, 1m or more, the juvenile foliage silvery-blue tinted in summer, grey-green in winter. 'Ellwoodii', columnar, with dark green juvenile leaves, slow-growing when young but eventually to 3m or so. 'Ellwood's Gold', like 'Ellwoodii' but shoot tips yellow in spring and summer. 'Ellwood's Pillar', less tall and more narrowly columnar with blue-grey foliage. 'Ellwood's Pygmy' ('Ellwoodii Pygmy'), see 'Pygmy'. 'Gimbornii', densely rounded habit, eventually to 2m but very slow-growing, foliage blue-green. 'Gnome', densely globose when young, later broadly conical to 30cm or more, deep green. 'Green Globe', similar to 'Gnome' but a brighter green. 'Little Spire', narrowly columnar, to 2m or more, leaves bright green; freely produces red male strobili when well established. 'Minima Aurea', densely ovoid habit, eventually to about 80cm foliage golden yellow. 'Minima Glauca', somewhat dat-topped globose to about 60cm, foliage sea-green. 'Pygmaea Argentea', flattened globose to 45cm foliage dark bluish-green tipped creamy-white. 'Pygmy ('Ellwoodii Pygmy'), like a miniature 'Minima Glauca', to about 30cm 'Rijnhof, strongly flattened globose, eventually to 30cm tall by 90cm wide, the juvenile foliage bright greyish-green. 'Treasure', like 'Ellwoodii' but with gold foliage splashed cream; probably to 2m in time.