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Campanula garganica

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Botanical Description

Tufted to small clump-forming, usually evergreen or almost so, except in the severest winters. Stems branched, prostrate to decumbent, 10-15cm in length. Basal leaves orbicular, cordate, rounded toothed. Flowers starry, to 2cm wide, blue with a white centre, sometimes white. e.g. 'W.H. Paine' has richer-hued blooms; C.g. 'Dickson's Gold' bears yellow-flushed leaves; C.g. var. hirsuta is fairly densely hairy throughout; (C. garganica itself may be glabrous or slightly hairy). C.f. subsp. fenestrellata, see C. fenestrellata. Southeastern Italy and western Greece among shady rocks. In cultivation however, it needs a sunny site to flower freely.

C. 'G.F. Wilson' see C. X pulloides