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Caltha palustris

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Botanical Description

to 30cm or more in height, forming thick rhizomes with age. Leaves rounded to kidney-shaped or bluntly triangular, crenate or dentate, almost fleshy textured. Flowers 5cm or more, formed of five to eight bright yellow tepals, early spring to summer. Northern temperate regions including arctic Asia, North America and Europe, in bogs and by water. A very variable species and too large for the rock garden pool, but see C. minor. C.p. var. membranacea is Japanese, with thinner, undulate-toothed leaves. C.p. var. membranacea forma decumbens is almost prostrate and C.p. var. pygmaea is about half-sized. The following are similar to C. palustris, some of them larger: CC. cornuta, laeta, longirostris and C. polypetala.