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Authors: Endl.   Poepp.  

Botanical Description

Daintily mat-forming with flowering stems to 8cm tall. Leaves yellowish-green, broadly ovate, close-packed along the creeping, slightly bristly stems. The thinly hairy, delicate leaves with few-toothed margins may be up to 1cm in diameter, but are typically considerably less: they can be sessile or on short, winged petioles. Flowering stems solitary or in a pair of branched cymes each bearing up to three clear yellow blooms.

The rounded upper lip (3.5mm in diameter) is hooded and shorter than the calyx and the swollen lower lip is broadly egg-shaped to rounded, about 9 by 7mm. Southern Chile and Argentina, in sunny or partly shaded exposures, in damp but sharply drained bare volcanic sand, or clothing rocks along streambanks by waterfalls at 75-1800m. Must never be allowed to dry out or become sun-scorched. [Pl.72]