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Calandrinia compacta

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Botanical Description

Taproot tough and slender with shallow horizontal rhizomes radiating from the crown to produce further rosettes, an almost unique characteristic for this section. Rosettes small, neat, dense, consisting of linear, fairly obtuse leaves 13-38 by 1.5-2mm, glabrous like the rest of the plant. Flowers pale rose or white, yellow-centred, with five to six petals, on peduncles generally significantly shorter than the leaves. Sepals narrowly ovate and pointed, 6-9mm long. Unfortunately no information is available on flower size, shape or disposition, but this species sounds well worthy of further investigation and possible introduction. Chile and Argentina, north of Santiago. Said to grow in high snowmelt meadows or along alpine stream courses, at 2800-3800m. Mi d to late summer flowering in the wild.