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Genus: Byblis

Byblis Species in
Family: Byblidaceae

One perennial and one annual species, the former from south-west Australia, the latter extending from north-west Australia to New Guinea. Both species resemble droseras and are insectivorous, trapping insects with stalked mucilage glands on their long narrow leaves, borne spirally on more or less unbranched stems. Flowers are clustered on axillary stems. They have five petals shortly joined at the base and are pink to violet.


Only the perennial, B. gigantea, could be remotely considered for culture in the alpine house. It requires a minimum winter temperature of 45°F and needs a compost of equal parts moss peat and coarse sand in a container stood in l-2cm of rainwater from spring to autumn. In winter the compost must be kept only just moist. Propagation by seeds surface-sown in spring, root cuttings taken at the same time or stem cuttings in summer.