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Authors: Willd.  

Botanical Description

D C (syn. Diplotaxis saxatilis). Densely to loosely tufted perennial to 10cm tall usually with a prominently woody base. Leaves up to 5cm long, more or less oblanceolate with wavy, toothed or lobed margins. Flowers to 1.5cm across, yellow, in small racemes just above the leaves, spring to late summer. Southwestern Alps, Italy, in stony places and river gravels at 1500-2500m. A very variable species with ten subspecies, some having stems 30-50cm in height, leaves up to 15cm long with or without lobes, and racemes composed of up to thirty or more flowers. Except for B.r. subsp. repanda (described above) they are mostly from lower altitudes. [Pl.66]