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Athyrium filix-femina

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Botanical Description

Roth Clump-forming, with deciduous fronds 30-100cm high. Blades bi- or trip-innate the pinnules oblong to oblong-lanceolate, 3-20mm long, usually bright green. Northern temperate zone and tropical mountains to southern South America, in shady habitats. Too large for the rock garden but the following dwarfer mutant cultivars could be used in shaded sites: A.f-f. 'Acrocladon' grows 25-30cm tall with leaves which branch again and again forming a globe of verdure. 'Congestum Cristatum' is about 25cm in height with imbricate, crested pinnae. 'Congestum Grandiceps' is similar but with an extra large terminal crest. 'Congestum Minus' lacks crests but has crisped and densely overlapping pinnae; overall height 15cm 'Kalothrix' has plumose decumbent leaves 20-25cm long; leaf segments very narrow and silky-textured. 'Minutissima' is a perfect miniature at about 20cm high. 'Nudicaule Cristatum' has leaves reduced to a stalk surmounted by a large crest; 25-30cm tall. 'Sabine' is a sporeling from 'Nudicaule Cristatum' which has a more delicately dissected crest and only attains 15cm in height.