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Antennaria neglecta

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Authors: Greene  

Botanical Description

This loosely mat-forming plant not only has creeping branches, but very slender whip-like stolons, each terminating in a rosette. Leaves oblanceolate to spathulate, 2-7cm long, finely hairy when young, then glabrous and green. Capitula usually three to eight in a spike-likecluster on stems 10-20cm tall (those of male plants often shorter). Bracts of female capitula purplish-based and whitish tipped; styles crimson. In A.n. forma simplex, the female capitula are solitary. A.n. var. attenuata (syn. A. neodioica) has short leafy stolons and leaves which stay more or less hairy above A.n. var. gaspensis see A. gaspensis.