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Authors: L.   Spach  

Botanical Description

Anemone thalictroides, Syndesmon thalictroides). Clump or colony-forming, slowly spreading to 30cm or more across. Leaves bi- or triternate (divided into five to nine leaflets), with a slender, erect stalk direct from the rootstock. Leaflets olive-green, broadly oval, shallowly three lobed and long stalked. Flowering stems 10-15cm or more in height, topped by a whorl of six leaflets (actually an opposite pair of sessile ternate leaves) and an umbel of two to four flowers. Each flower is white, composed of five to ten tepals, but usually six, about 2cm wide, but can be smaller or larger, spring. Pink forms are known, and A.t. 'Favilliana', 'Cameo' and 'Shoaf's Double' have double blooms. Eastern U.S.A., in open woods. Sometimes confused with Isopyrum thalictroides but that has its flowers in the axils of the stem leaves.