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Anemone multifida

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Authors: Poir.  

Botanical Description

Tufted habit to 30cm tall. Basal leaves long-stalked, trilobed, the segments further lobed and toothed with rather narrow, hairy divisions; stem leaves similar but short-stalked. Flowers one to three usually, 1.5-2.5cm across, white, cream, yellowish, greenish or reddish, with 5-10 elliptical petals; achenes embedded in woolly hairs. Grassy and stony habitats, open woodland and scrub. Central and northern North America and southern South America. An easy plant for the scree or rock garden which tends to be rather short-lived. However it is readily raised from seeds and in some gardens seeds itself around. The typical form available has creamy white flowers and is generally sold under the name A. magellanica. The relationship between the plants from North and South America is not properly understood and requires further investigation.