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Anemone apennina

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Botanical Description

and rhizomatous to 20cm tall, the rhizomes thick and tuber-like. Basal leaves long-stalked, trilobed, the three main segments shortly stalked, lobed and toothed, often appearing after the flowers; stem leaves in a whorl well below the flower, similar to the basal but short-stalked; all hairy beneath. Flowers 2.5-3.5cm across, solitary, bright blue, rarely white (var. albiflora), with eight to fourteen oblong petals; anthers yellow or white. Woods and scrub, occasionally in more open habitats, in hills and the lower mountains, to 1200m in southern Europe from Corsica eastwards to Greece. An attractive species that has become naturalised in some parts of Britain. It is not seen as much in gardens as its close cousin A. blanda. The two species are sometimes confused but the latter has leaves glabrous beneath and the flowers often have more numerous petals. The tubers of A. apennina do not take so kindly to drying as do those of A. blanda, which are often treated like bulbs by nurseries, being dried before despatch.