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Androsace chamaejasme

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Botanical Description

A mat-forming species spreading by stolons, 10-20cm across, sometimes more, often less, especially in the wild. Rosettes 1-2cm across, spreading and open. Leaves elliptic with silvery hairy margins. Flowers 5-12mm wide, but usually about 8mm, white with a yellow eye, sometimes aging to light pink with a red eye, in umbels of two to eight on stems 3-6cm in height. Limestone mountains, mainly in the northern and eastern European Alps but with outlying stations elsewhere, including Pointe de Gavernais in the Pyrenees, above 900m; mainly in short alpine grassland, sometimes among rocks. A. chamaejasme is extremely widespread in the northern hemisphere being represented by distinct varieties in Siberia, central Asia, China and North America.