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Alstroemeria pallida

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Botanical Description

but generally dwarf in the wild. Leaves on fertile stems rudimentary and shrivelled at flowering; those of sterile shoots glaucous, twisted and very narrowly oblanceolate. Flowers wide-spreading, white, pale or rich pink with very broadly ovate outer segments of 3-5.5cm long, the inners oblanceolate to almost linear, all mucronate, normally with a broad yellow cross band freckled or dashed to a greater or lesser degree with pinky red, in umbels of up to eighteen. Central Chile, especially the cordilleras above Santiago, at 1400-2800m or more, also in Argentina. There is a tendency, not invariable, for individuals from greater altitudes to be more compact. The epithet A. nivalis has been published twice by different authors, for high altitude gatherings near the eternal snows. Both, however, would appear to represent A. pallida. [Pl.9]