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Adiantum capillus-veneris

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Botanical Description

Densely colony-forming, usually 20-30cm high but sometimes more or less. Leaves evergreen bi- to partially tripinnate, small ones sometimes simply pinnate, the pinnules fan-shaped to widely cuneate, 7-15mm long, membranous. Tropics worldwide, extending here and there to sheltered sites in cool temperate zones, usually on limestone, in rock crevices. A. c-v. 'Imbricatum' has a dwarf habit with larger (to 2cm long) overlapping pinnules. A. c-v. 'Mairisii' is somewhat more robust with thicker rhizomes and larger tripinnate leaves. This cultivar is one of the hardiest and will grow outside in a southwest facing dry wall or rock outcrop. In general, A. capillus-veneris requires a frost-free greenhouse.