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Adenophora triphylla

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Authors: DC.  

Botanical Description

Campanula triphylla). Stems erect, up to 90cm high. Leaves usually in whorls, ovate elliptic, sometimes lanceolate, 4-8cm long, toothed. Flowers broadly urn-shaped, pale violet-blue, 1cm long, in a loose but many flowered, erect panicle. Japan, China, Taiwan. A.t. var. japonica has bell-shaped flowers to 2cm long. A.t. var. hakusanensis is an alpine form growing 30-45cm tall, with densely flowered, short-branched panicles. Honshu, Hokkaido (Japan). A.t. var. puellaris is another alpine variant, about 30cm tall, with linear leaves and 1cm long flowers. Only from Mt. Higashi-akaishi, Shikoku (Japan).